How to Wet Splice

Wet Splicing Tutorial by Leah Chapman
Wet splicing yarn is a great way to join multiple balls of yarn together seamlessly, without any knots or extra ends to weave in.  Most knitting projects require several balls of yarn, so at some point you will inevitably need to transition from one ball to the next. Splicing is a quick and easy way to do this. If done properly, the join will be completely invisible in the finished product.

Our Ombré colorways can be knit as either a center-pull ball, or from the outside in, so you will always be able to join up to the matching end without having to re-wind the ball. These features help to ensure that every project will have perfect transitions between each ball of yarn.  Splicing will make sure that no knots, lumps, or extra ends ruin that seamless join. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to splice our single-ply 100% Wool Fingering, Sport and Worsted weight yarns.

You will need: 
•The yarns you will be joining
•A small bowl of hot water (add a drop of dish soap to make splicing even easier)

Splicing Single-Ply Yarns
Here I will be splicing a new ball onto my knitting project. As you can see in the detail, the yarn is only a single strand of twisted wool, as opposed to a plied yarn made up of multiple strands. Many of our yarns yarns are single-ply, so this technique will work equally well on any of them.

Step 1: Begin by fraying the two ends of yarn that you will be joining. Gently pick them apart with your fingers so that the wool untwists, and fans out at the end. ​

​Step 2: Next, you want to carefully cut a little bit of wool out of the center of each “fan” with scissors. You should remove about 1/3 of the total wool, so that you are left with a V shape at the end of each strand. This will ensure that when you join the two ends, there won’t be a bump in the yarn where they overlap. 

Step 3: Now you want to intersect the two V’s, so that the strands of yarn overlap. We’ve exaggerated it here with a contrast color yarn.

Step 4: Roll the yarn gently between your hands so that the yarn gets compressed and the fluff becomes matted down.

Step 5: Carefully dip the yarn into the bowl of water where the two strands intersect, and then continue to roll the yarn between the palms of your hands in order to felt the ends together. Start out slowly, and then roll more vigorously as the yarn starts to come together. 

Keep going until the ends can no longer be distinguished and the yarn looks like one continuous strand. If you gently pull on the yarn on both sides of the splice, it should not come apart. The final splice should blend in completely with the rest of the yarn, and once knit it will be invisible in the finished product. You now have a new ball attached to your work, and you can start knitting where you left off! 

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