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We are honored to be named one of the Top 5 Trendsetters in the Yarn Industry by Interweave. 

” This category recognizes influential members of our community who show us all how to stand out from the crowd.
I don’t think the yarn world would have gradients without your work”

tree of life shawl

Nature is beautiful in its randomness. All of a species are basically the same, with some variances here and there differentiating us.
This is the premise for my new
“Tree of Life” Shawl. The placement of the branches is dictated by a random number generator making no two shawls the same. The meditative brioche keeps you engaged; paired with the progression of the branches makes this project hard to put down. This shawl calls for two Ombre Shawl Balls, best worked with colors of good contrast for the best definition.
Shown here in Junkanoo and Mist.

a new website!

You’re not imagining things, we do look the same, but different.. Over the last few months we’ve been plugging away behind the scenes on our new site. It brings some exciting features we’re eager to share with you!

  • Many of you have asked for accounts to be able to track your orders and downloads – click on My Account in the top right corner (top left for mobile users) to set yours up – or set it up with your next order. You’ll be able to keep track of your purchases, find your downloads, speed up your checkout with your stored shipment details.
  • All items (downloads and physical goods) can now be handled in one transaction.
  • All colors are now clearly identified and we’ve filled in on yarn weights and colors that were absent.
  • You’ll find the colors to be clearer and more accurate.
  • For those local to our studio we’ve added a pick-up option at checkout if you’d rather stop by to collect your order.
  • We’ve added more kits, more socks and more inspiration for you to peruse and enjoy!

I hope you will forgive a wrinkle or two as the site rolls out as we continue to make improvements, but for now, please explore and I hope you can find something beautiful to make your own!

solemate flux socks

When I first started dyeing yarn, my stepping stone before my deep dive into creating gradients was the evolution of what I called Flux colors. Not quite stripes, but not quite gradients, longer stretches of contrasting colors flow into one another creating a broader stripe and often fun and funky color flow. In the process of expanding our gradients the Flux colors took something of a backseat, and we cut back production to Shawl Balls. Today, our Solemate socks are the perfect canvas for these wild color combos. You can expect the same dreamy soft superwash Shaniko merino, and we’ve maintained the identical nature of each set. The paired yarn cakes are approximately 208 yards each of fingering weight yarn, enough for an average Woman’s Medium. The yarn is machine washable and dryable, quite possibly making this as close to perfect as you can get! With 12 Flux colors to add to the 80 Ombre colors to pick from we bet you won’t be able to stop as just one pair!